Denis Milovanov (born 1975)
Moscow, Russia

From 1990 to 1993 he studied joinery at Moscow higher vocational art school № 303.
Denis Milovanov produces wooden sculptures employing chainsaw and chisel as sole instruments of his practice. Reclaimed oak is carefully chosen, hand-processed and boiled in linseed oil in accordance with traditional Russian woodwork principles that help expelling moisture from the wood, increase its durability and provide a reserved and deep palette of color to the finish: from light hazel to pitch-black charcoal.
Gray, seasoned wooden temples with intricate ancestral carvings in abandoned villages of Northern Russia constitute the main visual reference for the artist. Hand-picked material for the sculptures comes from fallen or naturally withered oak trees to retain the notion of organic life cycle. Resulting pieces resemble neo-primitivist totems covered with an expressive and hypnotic scarring from the masterful use of chainsaw.

Solo show:
2017 - «Thoughts and Things» Palisader Gallery, Moscow.
2016 - «UntitledSolo» show Gallery Armel Soyer, Paris

Shows and collaborations:
2022 - Myra, Suzdal.
2018 - «Divine Fire» with Christopher Boots ELLE Gallery, Zurich
2017 - New Olds. Classics and innovations in design. All-Russian Decorative Art Museum. Moscow.
2017 - Materialization. ZARYA Center for Contemporary Art. Vladivostok.
2016 - Enchantment of Russian North, Moscow State Integrated Museum-Reserve «Kolomenskoy». Moscow.
2015 - BLACK II Holiday Soiree and Show. Pavilion Antiques and 20-th century Design Gallery. Chicago.
2015 - Boris Vervoordt.
2012 - Zaha Hadid Architects studio.

2018 - PAD Genève (Geneva), presented by Galerie Armel Soyer Alps (Megeve)
2017 - SIAA - Salon Interalpin Architecture Aménagement (Megeve), presented by Galerie Armel Soyer Alps (Megeve)
2017 - REVELATIONS. Grand Palais. Paris.
2016 - The OBJECTS ( V Moscow Biennale of architecture and XXI International exhibition of architecture and design ARCH Moscow). Central House of Artist. Moscow.
2016 - AD COLLECTION. Paris. Presented by Gallery Armel Soyer, Paris
2016 - PAD Paris. Presented by Gallery Armel Soyer, Paris
2015 - Design / Miami Basel, Basel. Presented by Gallery Armel Soyer, Paris
2014 - Maison & Objet, Paris.